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Do you like food? Are you sick of the same tasteless, chemical-laden meals being served to you day in and day out?

Well, that's where we come in! We deliver fresh and healthy food direct from the kitchens of local home chefs. Our Home-chefs take your taste and dietary requirements into account when preparing each meal, using only the healthiest ingredients available.

Your Problems


The solution - FND

  • Only home-cooked food
  • Hygienic ingredients and utensils
  • Prepared as per your requirement and request
  • Define your own diet (Oil, Sugar, Salt)
  • Instruct home chef for a custom order
  • We deliver what we eat with family and friends

Traditional and authentic cuisine

Valentine's Special
Plum Cake Special
Undhiyu Special
Winter Special
Christmas Special
South Indian

Delicious and healthy menu



Cheezy Paneer Quesadilla (4 Pc)


Gajar Ka Halwa


Gulab Jamun


Chole Bhature


Undhiyu (500gm)

Gujarati,Winter Special,Undhiyu Special

Ragda Petis 3 Nos


Sev Usal


Our Hygiene and Safety Standards

Food Quality and Hygiene

Food is freshly prepared by home chefs when they get an order. All ingredients are fresh and handpicked to ensure that your food is healthy. We visit all home-chef and review their kitchen and cooking process to ensure hygiene and cleanliness. Home chefs are also trained periodically so they can practice the best healthy cooking techniques best suited for the food they create.

Safe Cooking utensils

The most modern utensils are dangerous as they emit toxic, cancer-causing fumes. But our busy lives have replaced them with current quick fixes that are a severe health hazard and should be thrown away immediately. We instruct and motivate our home chefs to use traditional cooking utensils like clay pots, iron, brass and bronze utensils were used for cooking food. These preserve the nutrition of food and add taste to it.

Ingredients safety

Some restaurants choose to cook their food with artificial ingredients that can actually ruin your health and deplete your body of its energy. For example, some chefs may use alternative oils instead of vegetable oil for the items you eat. It is better to be safe than sorry which is why we implore home-chefs to not experiment with different dishes without first speaking with our trained staff members who know all the recipes inside out in order to take care of you while enjoying a meal at your own home.

Legal Compliance

We ensure that all the home chefs are provided with everything they need to operate their business legally and help them succeed in their endeavors. Every home chef on our platform is legally compliant and has all the required government and other certifications like FASSAI.


Do you love cooking? Want to start your home food business?

Our vision is to support thousands of home food service entrepreneurs by helping them to start their businesses with practically no investments and leveraging the skills and expertise they already have.

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We’ve put everything into one service that makes ordering home food as easy as possible! Browse different cuisines and add your own custom requests. All you have to do is decide which food you want to order and with a few clicks, both the chef and courier will get in touch with you so that they can prepare everything from scratch so that it’s piping hot when it reaches your door.


Healthy Summer Food Which Boosts Health and Beats the summer

Dehydration and overheating is the severe issue in the summer season. You don’t want to get to the point where you feel light–headed, dizzy, and weak due to hot temperatures. Thus, staying inside the home and having access to the perfect space is crucial in summer. Also, you can keep your body cool by having delicious hydrating foods.

Try the Most Iconic Lucknow Cuisine & Lakhnawi Dishes

Lucknow is a city known for its delectable Mughlai and Awadhi cuisine, as well as for its rich history and culture. When we think about Lucknow, we immediately think of delectable Tundey Kebabs, Biryani, and tantalising Chicken Masala. In Lucknow, there is a different stall, aroma, and secret recipe every 100 meters, making the city’s streets a foodie’s paradise.

Regional Variations of Holi Food: A Culinary Tour of India

In India, festivals are synonymous with happiness and joy. And to make the whole year bright, the festival is around the corner, i.e., Holi. But no celebration is complete without having tasty food and drinks, especially in India, where the top highlight of any festival is delicious and lip–smacking food.

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