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Chicken Kheema Pav (2 Pc Pav)

Chicken keema is a simple and easy to make Indian dish with chicken mince, onions,tomatoes, spices and herbs. Minced meat known as keema or qeema is used to make various dishes like curry, paratha, samosa, sandwiches, cutlets or keema balls. Keema Pav — spicy mutton mince slow cooked with spices and loaded between buttered pav …

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Moong Dal

Moong dal (Vigna radiata) are tiny green beans that belong to the legume family. Since ancient times, they have been cultivated. Originally from India, mung beans also became popular in other parts of Southeast Asia. This bean has a mildly sweet flavour and is available as either fresh sprouts or dried beans. Moong or green …

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KalDosa (Steam Dosa)

South Indian Dish Which can be eaten anytime of the day kal dosa are bite small in size nd is served with chutney..yummy nd tasty

Rava Upma

South Indian Special Dish Upma, Rava Upma, Sooji Upma.Upma is always a dish that is least preferred by any south Indians but though its quick, healthy and tasty

Homemade Chocolates

Homemade chocolates delight super tasty then store chocolates melts in mov loved by all ages mild sweet soft creamy.. 6 pcs

Dry Paneer Spicy

For the Paneer lovers, this is the dish that triggers those senses that make your mouth water. A beautiful mixture of crumbled Paneer mixed with the Indian favourite ingredients of finely chopped onions, tomatoes, handpicked spicies , this dish becomes the perfect meal for a tummy-full. It will remind you of home. It is an …

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Dal Tadka

Dal is the one of the most popular dishes in the northern parts of India and that is where it originates from. We make our Dal with flavoursome Tadka (tempering) of Red Chillies, Curry Leafs, Garlic slices, Rai and Jeera. It’s one of the most popular dishes from our kitchen. It is an ideal dish …

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Steam White Plain Rice

The good old steamed rice is the staple of all Indian Diets. You can eat with the Tadka daal, as they do in the north, or with Aamti is they do in Maharashtra, or with fish curry, as they do in Bengal or Goa, or with Rassam, as they do in the south. It’s the …

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Egg Bhurji

The ubiquitous and popular Egg Bhurji is the known for being a filling, tasty and satisfactory and inexpensive meal. Equally tasty, but much healthier as we make it in hygienic. It’s buttery rich, masaledar, spicy and delicious to eat! It is an ideal dish to be eaten with Plain Parathas, Phulkas or Chapatis and Dal …

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Egg Omelet

Egg omelet non spicy healthier Ideal dish to be eaten with chapatis, phulkas, flat breads plain parathas etc.. Made of two eggs the portion is meany for 1 person.

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