Yashoda Dighe(ID:92)

Tawa Roti (QTY: 1 Roti)

Tawa Roti made from whole wheat flour Indian bread that is soft and can be served along with any kind of curries.

Makai Rotla (QTY: 1 Rotla)

The Makai Rotla is made from maize flour. Traditionally made, ki roti is prepared by flattening a dough ball into a round shape by repeatedly pressing it in-between palms in a thumping motion and then baked on hot Tawa.

Puran Poli (QTY: 4 Puran Poli)

Puran Poli is a Maharashtrian recipe. flatbread stuffed with a sweet lentil filling made from skinned spilt chana dal and jagger. Will served with Kadhi and pure ghee.

Daal Bati (QTY:6 Bati With Dal 250ml)

Dal baati is one of the main dishes of Rajasthani cuisine, the dish for which the cuisine is known for consists of crispy baati made of wheat flour, sooji or semolina, salt and ghee. With Urad dal

Chicken Fry (QTY: 500gm)

Fried chicken, also known as Southern fried chicken, is a dish consisting of chicken pieces that have been coated with seasoned flour or batter and pan-fried, deep fried, pressure fried, or air fried.

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