Sweets N Chillies(ID:198)

Ras Malai Chocolate

We are having two flavors of chocolate in big heart shape in chocolate and ras malai flavor

Chocolate Cake

This chocolate cake is made with pure dark chocolate specially for Valentine’s Day. It is completely eggless. Minimum order 500gms

Red Velvet Cake

We are making special red velvet cake specially for Valentine’s Day . Minimum order is for 500 gms. It is completely eggless and made with fresh cream and it is available in jar cake form also

Pure Desi Ghee Kesar Jalebi 250 Gm

Relish pure desi ghee crispy kesar jalebi. We had been making them every Dusshehra and Uttarayan for the last 6 to 7 years and our customers are 100 % satisfied with these. Worth trying.

Bedmi Puri With Aloo Subzi (2 Puri)

This traditional recipe is from the land of ‘Lord Krishna’ Mathura. The puri is stuffed with Urad Dal and a great concoction of spices and is deep fried. The aloo subzi is unique in itself with a typical traditional and spicy taste. a must try delicacy. One serving includes 2 big puri and subzi.

Farali Sabudana Vada (4pcs)

Celebrate the spirituality of Shravan with these Farali Sabudana Vada along with a tasty dip of curd and green chutney.

Rajasthani Dal Bati (2pcs)

This traditional and authentic Rajasthani meal is a strict no to be missed. The bati is made from whole wheat flour and milk and curd to give it a distinct texture and is served in pure Amul Ghee. Dal is a combination of different lentils cooked with select spices. Served with red Garlic chutney onion …

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