Prachi Deshpande(ID:329)

Shahi Paneer

Shahi paneer is a mughlai Desh. paneer is good source of magnesium Phosphorus and rich in minerals.

Palak Paneer

It’s a Punjabi dish. the dish has magnesium,folate, vitamins A,B2,B12 & potasium and calcium it’s a healthy dish .

Puran Poli

Holi special authentic sweet dish in Maharashtra. provide fibre protein and the major source of carbohydrates.


Kadhi is very popular Gujarati dish made from buttermilk or dahi and gram flour. Kadhi is an essential part of Gujarati cuisine.


Undhiyu is Gujarati mix vegetables dish that is a regional speciality of Surat Gujarat

Bajra Roti

Bajara roti (bhakri) is gluten free flatbreads made with pearl millet flour. An excellent nutrition.

Jowar Roti

Jowar Roti is super rich in fibre, is gluten free,good for diabetics, heart ,weight loss,high in magnesium iron and also lowers blood pressure and cholesterol.

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