Jyotsna Parashar(ID:345)

Mathi Pak

Methi Pak is an Indian Winter Special Sweet. It is a famous Gujarati Vasanu Recipe prepared specially during winters to provide warmth, energy, and nutrition to our body

Nankhatai Kg/-

Nankhatai are shortbread biscuits originating from the Indian subcontinent, popular in Northern India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Myanmar

Gundar Pak (Kg)

Gundar pak is an exotic Gujarati delicacy, traditionally prepared in the winter month. It is rich in fat and fibre and when eaten, sustains your body up with warmth.

Limbu Gadyu Athanu (Kg)

Khattu mithu limbu nu athanu or lemon pickle is easy pickle served with Gujarati thepla gathiya or left over rotis.

Limbu Khatu Athanu

It is marinated lemon pieces combined with sugar and spices. Lemon skin is slightly bitter in taste

Avla Gadyu Athanu (Kg)

Amla pickles are the kind of accompaniments that turn everyday meals like rice-dal or dahi chawal into a spiced up delicious dinner!

Gunda Keri Nu Athanu (Kg)

Gunda is a kind of berry with a very sticky stone in the middle and is available from March to June. It has anti-diabetic properties also.

Keri No Chundo (kg)

Instant Keri No Chundo, is a Gujarati style mango relish that is prepared with particular raw mango called Rajapuri Mango, sugar and basic .

Keri Nu Khatu Athanu (kg)

It is medium spicy with a sour (khatta) taste, hence the name ‘khatu athanu’ · It has a hint of mellowed bitterness from split fenugreek seeds

Keri Nu Mithu Athanu (Per Kg)

Gor keri is a traditional pickle from Gujarati. It is a sweet mango pickle made with raw mango, jaggery, and oil and flavored with pickle

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