Aparna Bhowmik(ID:113)

Khichuri 1 Plate

Bengali Khichuri is an explosion of test,aromas and flavours made with Gobindobhog rice,Roasted Mug dal,vegetables,whole spices and desi ghee.

Aloo Paneer 250g

Aloo paneer Recipe is a teasty creamy curry made with patatoes and paneer in a base of onions, Tamatoes andCashews

Chicken Chap 2 PCS

This is a unique combination of juicy and moist chicken piceces and rich and thik gravy.

Chicken Pakora 200g

Chiken pakora is a popular Indian deep fried appetizer that is a delicious to eat. especially in winters and mon soons.

VegetableChop 2PCS

Vegetable chop is a popular street food from kolkata.Beetroot,Carrot,Peanuts and other vegetables are cookedand coated with bread crumbs then deep fried till golden brown and served with kasundi

Luchi Aloor Dum 5pCS (1plate)

Luchi is a deep fried flatbread, made of Maida flour,originating from the Bengal region. it is eaten with aloor dum or Kasha Mangsho.

Mutton Kasha 1 Plate

Mutton kasha (kasha mangsho) is a very popular traditional curry in Bengal,and its literal meaning is sauteed meat..

Tamator Chutney 250g

Tamato chutney is a type of chutney mative to the indian subcontinet.prepared using tamatoes as the primary ingredient.

Veg Mug Dal 500g

A gorgeous looking traditional Bengali vegetarian dal with roasted yellow mung.beans simmered with cauliflower,carrot and peas.

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