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Every foodie has a fantastic selection of regional cuisines to satisfy our tastebuds. A big fan of regional cuisine, we were overjoyed to learn about every Aroma, a homemade food delivery near me run by Vadodara residents who offer an amazing food delivery service with many regional specialties. Cooking maid in Vadodara makes variety of regional specialties at home which spread the delicious aroma.

Gujarati food is available in Vadodara. Gujarat’s cuisine is virtually entirely vegetarian, despite the fact that it is a coastline state. Try these Gujarati delicacies on your stay in Vadodara.

Here’s the list of regional specialities of Vadodara prepared by golden chef healthy food:

Gujrati Khichdi

Khichdi is a typical dish practically found in every Gujarati house. A khichdi is a rice and lentil mixture that has been overcooked. Yellow and split moong lentils are used in traditional Gujarati Khichdi. Buttermilk and pickle are served alongside the khichdi. It’s the healthiest and most tasty food you’ll ever eat which is an offer by home delivered food.

A platter of Khichdi with a good smear of ghee, perhaps some papad or pickle on the side, or a mixed veggie sabzi has to be the ultimate comfort food for most desi eaters. For the uninitiated, khichdi is a one-pot dish consisting of rice, dal, and spices. These are the basic elements that all khichdi recipes have in common, but it doesn’t mean female cook in Vadodara can’t get creative. Khichdi provides ample opportunity for experimentation and exploration which is liked by Gujarati cook in Ahmedabad. Home chef apps like to dress up our khichdi in a variety of ways, one of which is by adding some seasonal sweetness.

This Vadodara ki Khichadi is full of the deliciousness of dal! Yes, you heard us correctly. Tadka has a delicious sour flavour, and when combined with hot peppers, they make a fantastic complement to this khichdi and available food for home delivery.

Khichdi is one of the simplest Indian recipes, but did you know it’s also one of the healthiest? Many dietitians consider rice and dal to be a “complete protein source.” Protein is a fundamental component of life, as we all know. It aids muscle recovery while also helping to develop muscle. It’s also beneficial for people who are trying to shed a few pounds. Protein promotes satiety; if you’re full, you’re less inclined to reach for greasy snacks, and if you start eating in smaller portions, you’ll find it much simpler to shed those excess pounds and homemade food products is always a healthy choice.


Dhokla is a delicious dish made from soaked and crushed chana dal (lentils). Vati dal refers to lentils that have been soaked and smashed (vateli dal). When people attempt to create this traditional Gujarati snack at home, it usually fails to turn out fluffy and soft. The key to making them soft and fluffy is to use the proper amount of fruit salt and prepare the perfect batter (baking soda or sodium bicarbonate). You can easily make fluffy and mouthwatering dhokla at home with the carefully measured components in this recipe. But Cooking maid in Vadodara prepares for you.

Dhokla is another type of steamed cake. Rice flour or gramme flour are used to make it. Khaman dhokla is a type of gramme flour dhokla that is steeped overnight. The meal is light and fluffy, and it melts in your mouth. People slice the cake into squares and fry them in a pan with chilli, mustard seeds, and coriander. The unique anpopular dish available as a food for home delivery.


Muthia is a steamed gramme flour dumpling. Fenugreek, salt, turmeric, and pepper are among the spices used in the batter. The dumpling is then cooked with curry leaves and mustard seeds.

Gujarati Thali 

Rotli, dal or kadhi, rice, and mixed vegetable gravy make up a typical Gujarati Thali also speciality of Gujarati Maharaj cook. Although the number of options is limited, they are all delicious and filling. Thali is served with buttermilk, which is spiced as well. Rasthal Gujarati Thali and Mandap in Alkapuri is a popular venue in Vadodara to try Gujarati thali but it is highly recommended to select home cooked food apps.


Khandvi is a popular Gujarati food that is also offered for breakfast. It’s made with chickpea flour and finished with a green chile tadka. It’s a delectable Gujarati snack made with gramme flour and buttermilk, seasoned with sesame seeds sautéed and a few other spices. It’s not only simple to make, but it’s also healthful because it only requires steaming gramme flour and buttermilk and no additional complicated cooking processes. To make the khandvi, though, you’ll need some basic cooking skills and this home made food in vadodara never fails to satisfy your taste buds. It’s just tempting because of the basic yet aromatic spice of sautéed cumin, mustard, curry leaves, coriander, and coconut.

It’s a gramme flour roll filled with delicious curd or yoghurt. After drying, a layer of batter is placed on a plate and topped with a mixture of fried mustard seeds, curry leaves, coriander, and occasionally grated coconut. Khandvi is a meal that is frequently served as a side dish during lunchtime.


Khichu, also known as ‘Papadi no lot’ in the region, is a popular teatime food and available in homemade food services. To make it even more appetising, rice flour is boiled and formed into a thick batter-like consistency before being sprinkled with cumin, oil, and seasoned powder. We are not sure where we recommend going because there are so many locations we like where it’s served, including the one of neighbour cooks at her house! However, on Nava Bazaar Street, there is a lady who serves homemade Khichu that is quite good and available in homemade food selling app. Vadodara’s must-try street cuisine is a speciality in and of itself.

Sev Usal

Breakfast favourites include sev, which translates to “thin gramme flour fries,” and usal, which translates to “cooked green peas in a liquid curry.” The abundance of proteins in Sev Usal makes it a healthy street snack. The spring onions give it its distinctive flavour. It’s served with a variety of condiments, and based on your preferences, you can make it sour or spicy. Lemon juice, red chilli oil, and green chilli chutney are the most common condiments served in home foodie app. Just in case you don’t like the Sev and spring onion on the plate, there’s another one. They have around 25 different types of Sev Usal, but the best is the original Butter Sev Usal. Bread buns are offered with the entire meal.

Home cooked food apps is committed to maintaining the hygiene and quality of the food it serves, therefore we use organic vegetables, pulses, and high-grade spices, as well as edible oil and pure ghee. Home chefs prepare vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals in different kitchens and serve them in 100 per cent good quality plastic containers and ceramic handis.

Food Next Door don’t believe in restricting ourselves to a limited/specific menu, but rather in providing our consumers with the flavours and foods they want. It is stated and thought that the path to a person’s heart is via his stomach, thus we aim to please your taste buds and win millions of hearts with our traditional and authentic home-cooked dishes.

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